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Oh go on then
Quick update while I'm trying to avoid my thesishell.

1. I'm doing some training on autism for the NSPCC pretty soon. I am rather excited and scared about this!
2. I'm also doing some teaching to masters students at Warwick about neuropsychology - 4 hours :o
3. I hate my thesis. I need to write 20k words in the space of 6 months, almost to the day. I am bricking it. I'm sure it'll be fine, but still (I've got two undergraduate research assistants, I just hope they're good enough!)
4. Work is getting more and more interesting and I'm getting more confident in my abilities as a psychologist
5. Which is probably a good thing, because for the first time in 2.5 ish years, I will very soon have to apply for qualified jobs in a crumbling NHS.

There'll be a life one of these at some point, but work and life feel very much one and the same today.

Oh and hospital inpatient admissions SUCK. I now feel I have a better insight (if brief) into how my (very medical) patients feel. So much about it was awful, depending on others, not being able to shower etc, even if the hospital/staff were really nice generally. I definitely don't want to get old or sick.

Just did the old check old LJ posts on roughly this day every year which I do very occasionally. I am still mildly freaked out by the fact that someone who used to be a friend of mine at 6th form is now on my uni's sister course, within a very small field generally, and within small cohorts, and we share lectures often.


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