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I think my 17 year old self was right, you know.
My LJ bio or whatever.
*relatively* healthy living, absinthe, alternative, apathy, atheism, bacardi, beer, cardiff university, chinese food, chocolate, cirque du soleil, coffee, counting crows, current affairs, cynicism, douglas coupland, dvds, education, english literature, exercise, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family guy, films, friends, fun factory, gigs, goo goo dolls, happy tree friends, hedonism, indian food, insanity, internet, leonard cohen, lionel shriver, literature, lost, margaret atwood, metal, mp3s, music, my family, perception, philosophy, photography, piercings, poetry, psychology, pubs, punk, randomness, reading, reality, rem, rock, romance, sarcasm, simpsons, ska, sleep, sociology, soft rock, stars, stephen king, sushi, tattoos, tea, thai food, thinking, thunderstorms, vodka, wine

This was written a long time ago. It was actually written when I was 17. Each time I consider updating it I think, well, no. Only a few of those are outright things I dislike, possibly only absinthe, (neat) vodka and metal music in fact. A few I am complacent about, such as Stephen King, the Simpsons, FRIENDS and lost. The rest, whilst very OMG I'm 17, are actually still very true.

That will be the musing for today. In fact, I just can't face any more literature searching.

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Fun Factory was clearly added post 17 though :)

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