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First qualified interview
Eeeeep. I have my first ever interview in 3 years, and my first qualified psychologist interview ever!

If I get the job, the company (non NHS) will pay for me to do a professional Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology, which will mean I am a clinical neuropsychologist. The masters is pitched at a level above my doctorate; it sounds silly but it's because it gives you a further qualification and you can only do it after doing the doctorate. This is what I've wanted since 2006. Funny how when it's on the table, it suddenly seems to have drawbacks. Pigeonholing or specialising too early, not working in mental health. It's 2 years long so quite a big committment; not something I'd want to do half of and come back to later. Not really something I want to do straight away after my doctorate either. I am academically exhausted.

I'm not sure if this could be one of the luckiest breaks of my life or the worst decision I could make right now!

Oh well, can only go to the interview and see what goes down I suppose... I'll be pitched up against the qualified psych at my current placement too and she is more likely to get it, with 2 years post qual experience, plus not really got time to prepare currently, so might be a non issue.

Still I am rather excited :P

Nevermind. I have 16k words to write. Better get to it.


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