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The busiest I've ever been?
Clearly a productive strategy for dealing with this is posting on LJ prior to going for a picnic

By Tuesday I must have a draft of both of my 8k word papers in to all supervisors. I need to also have an abstract for a conference written. On this day, I need to apply for 2 jobs.
On Wednesday I need to prepare a presentation on a service evaluation I wrote about a year ago to present to a big team; a local NHS learning disability service I was on placement with. Also need to start the other paper that's due with the rest of the thesis (reflective).
Thursday I need to deliver said presentation and continue with reflective paper.
Friday reflective paper and meetings about the two aforementioned drafts
Weekend reflective paper/final amendments because I need to send reflective paper to supervisor by Monday.
Mon-Tue - Back to aforementioned drafts, prior to final meeting on Wednesday re: all papers.
Wednesday - interview for a post in Rugby and meeting (shit I just realised I may have double booked...)
Wed-Sun - formatting/appendices/amendments/references.
Tueday 7th - printing & binding.

..... I mostly posted this here to remind myself that if I -think- I am busy in the future, I should refer back to this post.


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